My vulnerability allows a quick recap of the suckage:

I didn’t book any new business.

I didn’t progress much on important projects.

My podcast launch is late.

My feelings got hurt by friends and family.

My heart was broken a little by someone I loved.

I cancelled an appointment for performance feedback because I knew I couldn’t handle it this week.

I cried a lot.

I spent most of the week alone.

And today, on this sunny beautiful Friday, I got up and showed up.  I sang in the shower, put on a dress I look amazing in and bought myself flowers.

I wrote this post for me more than for you because this week I decided pleasing everyone is too big a burden to carry.

And like the blooms in my new bouquet, beauty began to show back up in my life.

I reached out to a client and gave them exactly what they needed for an important project where they had previously been apprehensive.

I reconnected with a beautiful friend. We shared soulfully about hopes and dreams and both left feeling lifted from an hour and a couple cups of coffee.

I had a great discussion with the cashier at my local market about her life and her family.

This is the work.

I’m not faking it today. I’m honoring all that our humanity has for us.  I’m honoring the “&” as my fellow Badass Women’s Council member, Emily Sutherland has taught me.  Really living is accepting and honoring all of the “&”s.

Joy & Sorrow

Love & Loss

Achievement & Disappointment

The list could continue.

In a world focused on winning and achievement, the most badass thing you can do is pay homage to the “&”.

In a world numbed with counterfeit connections and filtered highlight reels, I’m coming clean and reminding you the most badass thing you can do is to feel it all.

The most badass thing you can do is show up for the real relationships knowing your heart will get broken once in awhile.  The most badass thing you can do is to try things knowing many will fail.

The most badass thing you can do is honor the humanity of the “&”.  March on badass warriors, get up and show up, there’s fascinating humanity in this world ready to teach you the power of the “&”.