Do Less Better

So many things in our life and business are deeply important to us.  We often fall into the trap of trying to do everything so we don’t miss out on anything important.  This approach may have worked early in our career, eventually we feel the weight of it all.  We’re left juggling too much and unsure of what to let fall.  Rebecca offers a new mindset for reducing the amount of things we’re working on while increasing our value and relevance.


Rise and thrive

There’s a distinct difference when falling into bed exhausted from surviving the day versus falling into bed exhausted from thriving. High achieving women want to work hard, AND they want to make a difference.

Tap into your brain’s hard wiring and need to thrive. Rebecca uncovers the 9 specific steps on the continuum from surviving to thriving. 

  • Survive / Thrive Continuum, your checklist to thriving
  • Your story matters, including the struggle.  
  • Do Less Better
  • Learn the remedy for overcoming fear and head trash that holds us back.
  • You can’t buy meaning and purpose   
Mind over Matter. does mindset matter?
Identify the impact of mindset on your results at home and at work. By the end of this course you will be able to describe the “why” behind your work and how mindset impacts your results. Compare and contrast the impact of a positive versus negative mindset. Examine the 8 steps in mindset awareness and practice.
Leading Through Change

B I G – (Best to Innovate and Grow)       

As the leader, you have great responsibility to deliver results, set strategy, lead; Results need to improve, innovation needs to happen.  How can you prepare and implement change to keep your team engaged and the culture thriving. 

Prep BIG – Why, What and How of Leading through Change

The BIG Three – Three distinct groups emerge in response to change, how to handle each group.

Go BIG, the counter intuitive response you need to hear.

The BIG thing you’ll forget and later regret   

When I get caught up: the myth, the fairytale, the lie.
Rebecca discusses the scientific IMPOSSIBILITY of truly being “caught up” and uncovers the risk this lie has to truly living your best self. When I get caught up is a lie we tell ourselves to delay the start of things that really matter to us in exchange for a treadmill of tasks. Within this lie we remain stuck and unable to begin amazing things. Quitting your current job or putting life on pause isn’t practical or possible, How can you work your “grand plans” into your daily life?
Custom keynotes
Rebecca excels at building inspired keynotes customized to your theme, organizational needs and audience demographics.  What behaviors are you looking to build or reinforce?  What is the theme you are building your conference around?  Who is your audience? What do you want your audience to know, feel and do as a result of the talk?  Schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs.
engagement isn't a program

You can’t buy engagement, you can create the best conditions for engagement. Tap into the desire of your employees to feel valued and relevant in the real work.

  • the brain’s hardwired for thriving
  • discover what your employees need to find value and relevance in their work
  • four distinct requirements for your employees and your business to thrive;
    • Story – Money – Ideas – Rhythm

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