But Why? The One Question That Changes Everything

Answering the why gives CONTEXT, CREDIBILITY and CONNECTION. This is a powerful message for leaders, sales teams, even parents.  

Business has optimized systems, process and technology and attempted to optimize people. There are dashboards and data for nearly everything.  What’s often missing to engage people in the improvement?  We want to know why.  The same is true when making personal change and transformation.  Rebecca shares a powerful message which has been tailored to meet many specific needs. 

Context: A Leading advantage
What is context? The latin origin comes from con. – together and texure – to weave. Context is to weave together and provide the background and interrelatedness of a situation. Context is about connections. Connections are about relationships. How does your product or service add value for your customer? How does the new product in development connect to a need, this is context. How various departments in an organization come together, this is context.

Rebecca reviews the role context plays in every aspect of business from sales, to product development, marketing, finance all the way to the weekly staff meeting and how leading with a contextual perspective creates a cultural and business results advantage.

Mind over Matter. does mindset matter?
Identify the impact of mindset on your results at home and at work. By the end of this course you will be able to describe the “why” behind your work and how mindset impacts your results. Compare and contrast the impact of a positive versus negative mindset. Examine the 8 steps in mindset awareness and practice.
DO You. Just Don't do it alone.

Strong women can unintentionally isolate themselves. Being focused on business and career and keeping everyone else in check can leave us disconnected.  Rebecca shares a 3 part formula for badass women .. REFLECTION + DIRECTION + CONNECTION. In this talk Rebecca pushes the idea that “badassery” isn’t about climbing mountains or running marathons or trying to do MORE. Being a true badass is to reflect on your purpose, set up guard rails for ourselves and own our space.  It’s also about moving forward, setting direction, using your gifts. And the most badass thing of all, connection. The courage to reach out and find our tribe and intentionally connect with vulnerability and intention.  Do You.  Just Don’t Do It Alone.  

When I get caught up: the myth, the fairytale, the lie.
Rebecca discusses the scientific IMPOSSIBILITY of truly being “caught up” and uncovers the risk this lie has to truly living your best self. When I get caught up is a lie we tell ourselves to delay the start of things that really matter to us in exchange for a treadmill of tasks. Within this lie we remain stuck and unable to begin amazing things. Quitting your current job or putting life on pause isn’t practical or possible, How can you work your “grand plans” into your daily life?
Custom keynotes
Rebecca excels at building inspired keynotes customized to your theme, organizational needs and audience demographics.  What behaviors are you looking to build or reinforce?  What is the theme you are building your conference around?  Who is your audience? What do you want your audience to know, feel and do as a result of the talk?  Schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

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