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My Rebecca Story by Lindsay Tjepkema - CEO & Founder Podform

I met Rebecca in my car. My van, to be exact. I was in the parking garage just about to drive home from work. My company was in the midst of significant change and I was experiencing a lot pressure as the leader of a team to help them through a large, unclear, transition.

On my walk to the car (ok, van), I scrolled through LinkedIn, per usual, and saw that someone in my network had shared and commented on a post about an episode on Imposter Syndrome on a podcast called – get this – Badass Women’s Council. The topic resonated with me and the title had me hooked. So I loaded it up for my long commute home. Thus, I met Rebecca in my car (ok, van).

The episode resonated with me – deeply – and in it I also was excited to learn that Rebecca was local to me in Indianapolis. That day, I reached out to her on LinkedIn and, a few days later, we met for coffee and I got to meet the Badass, herself, in person.

We connected instantly.

Not because of me. Not because of the situation. Not because of the coffee shop. But because that’s who Rebecca is. A connector.

That day was just a few weeks ago, but since that day my life has radically changed. And I don’t say that lightly. Not at all.

Rebecca cut through my head trash. She saw me deeply, and she cared for me urgently. She was so eager to help me realize what was motivating me and what was holding me back. She helped me listen to my heart and get out of my head. 

This all rapidly changed my perspective as a leader, yes, but also as a whole human. As a professional. As a woman. As a mother. As a friend. As a wife. As a colleague. As myself. 

Somewhat serendipitously, about two weeks after Rebecca and I met (in real-life in the coffee shop), I was faced with an incredible opportunity to start a new company with a local venture studio. It would mean taking the leap from marketing leader (a role I had grown comfortable with) to tech startup founder & CEO (a role that, while incredibly exciting, felt way outside my comfort zone).

Rebecca talked me through the opportunity every step of the way. She didn’t tell me what to do. She didn’t leave me to figure it out on my own. She listened. And she coached me through each part of the decision-making process until I had built my own firm foundation and was able to confidently move forward with my own decision. …which was to take on the challenge!

Who knows what would have happened if Rebecca and I hadn’t met. Maybe I still would have taken this opportunity. Maybe not. But because of her coaching and support and the inspiration of the Badass Women’s Council, I do know I am taking it on with more confidence and peace than I would have on my own.

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