When we selected her as a speaker for TEDxFortWayne, I had no doubt she would deliver a high powered, on target message. What I did not expect, was to see grown men fighting back tears, as she connected with the audience through personal stories and deep (self educated) subject matter expertise on the topic of ADHD. After her presentation, many who might have been reluctant to admit their ‘disorder’ now considered it a badge of honor!

Craig Crook, Business Disruption

Rebecca has an ADHD voice like no one else. She is a mover & shaker, dynamo, and visionary! I love it that she happens to be a “real mom” who is an excellent speaker and able to humorously write about the ADHD experience in a way that both touches and educates people.

Jennifer Colosimo, General Manager, Western US/Canada, FranklinCovey

“Rebecca has worked with us for over 2 years. Each time she brings something new and creative. She works well to understand our business and issues and uses this in her courses to engage my employees in real time situations. Rebecca is one of the best consultants I have worked with and I highly recommend her.”

Cressida Roberts, Head Of HR Operations at Hastings Direct UK

Having personally held both sales and service related positions, as well as having had sales personnel report to me in several business related positions, Rebecca Hession stands apart. With a keen understanding of client needs, a tenacity to ensure their needs are met, and a sincere desire to ensure value is created in any client related interaction, Rebecca consistently demonstrates her understating of what a trusted advisor is to any business partner seeking professional guidance from one who has their best interests at heart.

James Western, Mare Corporation, Citywide Home Loans

Thanks Rebecca —  for setting free our audience to create, innovate and improve the biggest challenges we face and will face – thanks for teaching us that we are not wrong, just different!

DeShawn Wert, Executive Director at Project READS

“Rebecca has been a great partner in helping me to identify paths forward for my organization. She is strong at showing the key metrics that business needs to see when making these types of investments.”

Chris Mills, VP of Talent Attraction & Team Member Relations at DEFENDERS

Rebecca Hession is an extremely talented individual. She defines the word tenacity and is one of those individuals who will always figure out a way to make things happen, despite whatever roadblocks she may run into. She is respected by her peers and leaders as an excellent Consultant, possessing the ability to truly become a business partner with whomever she is working with. She is a great mentor and coach for others and is always looking for the “team win” versus being the superstar. I have known and worked with Rebecca for many years and consider her to be top talent, both in character and competence.

Todd Davis, Chief People Officer for FranklinCovey

“Rebecca is passionate that ADHD is Not Wrong, Just Different. You only need to view her TEDx talk to realize that while she knows and understands the research, her passion comes from daily life with family members with ADHD. She provides practical advice and positive approaches to a “different” life.”

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