There was a day when I would have used the word “Fearless” to describe people I admired.  I would have used it as a compliment and a word of encouragement for others by insinuating that fearlessness was possible and something you should aspire to. I now know…. that’s a bunch of crap. No one is fearless.  There are, however, those that face their fears, walk through the steps that it takes to overcome that devil driven fear monger that tries to get to us all. These are the resilient ones, the “overcomers”.

Lindsey Hein is one of those “overcomers” she is resilient.  She’s a badass entrepreneur who publishes a weekly podcast called “I’ll Have Another”.Lindsey’s audience is mostly runners. Runners of all types, those that have just bought their first pair of running shoes to Olympians.  Her guest list and sponsors are impressive.  Her style is authentic and approachable.  I immediately wanted to be a part of her tribe when I met her. And ….I loved her even more when I saw that she often does her weekly podcast from the quietest place in her house, her closet.  This is what overcoming fear and being resilient looks like, hunkered down in a closet with headphones. Resilient ovecomers walk through the fear of not being able to live their dreams and they find the steps that it takes to overcome all of the obstacles and live their dream.

Lindsey didn’t know that a career in podcasting was even possible when she was a little girl dreaming about what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Luckily, she had a father that told her she could be anything she wanted.  So when she started listening to podcasts on her long runs while pushing a stroller with a kid or two, she couldn’t find enough podcasts that she wanted to listen to.  So she created one.

The idea and the dream of creating a successful podcast was the easy part.  Overcoming the fear of learning all of the technology and how to run a business while raising small children was more difficult.  In that moment when fear tried to stop her, Lindsey was able to call upon another time she had overcome fear and would apply those same steps to starting her business.

Lindsey had also faced fear when learned she had the BRCA2 gene, making her highly susceptible to breast cancer.  She was faced not only with an overwhelming fear of the diagnosis, there were many things to learn and decisions that needed to be made to address the BRCA2 issue.  She applied the same steps she had used when facing her diagnosis to building a successful podcast business.  Face the fear, one step at a time. So like many other successful people, Lindsey is not fearless, she knows how to recognize the fear for what it is, an obstacle she can overcome, one step at a time.  Lindsey’s story was covered in Women’s Running magazine where she graced the cover in 2016.

You can hear Lindsey speak about being an overcomer and creating something she loves at Linking Indy Women on March 21st. Even if you’re not a runner, her podcast is full of great information and real people telling their stories.  She has well over 700,000 downloads and over 15 episodes. Her website has links to the podcast and social media. Her Instagram stories are worth the follow. Being a mom to a tribe of small boys and a badass entreprener creates some good content!


The next time you are faced with fear, acknowledge it, recognize there will need to be decisions made and steps you should take.  Then move forward, one decision and one step at a time.  Resilient.