First of all, I’m going to talk about the voices in my head.  We all have them right?  It can’t just be me! I also want to bust up their power and reveal the lies they tell. And most importantly, talk about how to kick them out!  You might call this mindset.

I recently interviewed my last therapist as a guest for The Badass Women’s Council podcast. Yes, I said my last therapist, because I’ve had a few! I love therapy.  I find it rich and healthy, an amazing tool for personal growth.

About those voices, you know the ones that tell us we’re not good enough. The voices that 20 years later still tell us the 7thgrade bully that hurt us might be right. The voices that tell us we’re too busy to take time for ourselves.  The voices that tell us to suck it up, get over it, we’re fine. Maybe your voices say it a little differently.  Sometimes my head is filled with them like a dysfunctional pep rally in the high school gym. And sometimes it’s just one voice ……. stuck on maddening repeat.

In our interview, Victoria Dalton, psychologist, discussed the good and evil  of mindfulness. Being self-aware is a key ingredient for success. And …..sometimes our mindfulness turns into “head trash”.  Those beliefs we carry around that aren’t really truths.  But damn if they don’t feel like the truth late at night when we just can’t sleep. Letting those chatty bitches be the soundtrack for our life.

Every woman I know, especially those who are courageously building a business and chasing their dreams, suffers from a bout or two of imposter syndrome, sometimes it’s a chronic condition.

As a result, the worst consequence is when we only spend time with those voices in our head and we don’t go out and connect with REAL people!  We unintentionally isolate ourselves.  We’re either protecting ourselves from being found out, or feeling guilty about taking time to connect with friends.

My research and experience is, entrepreneurs suffer a healthier dose of this guilt. We’re fearful to take time away from building the business.  Or we spend so much time on the business there’s just no time left for us.

Spoiler alert.

This is all a LIE AND A TRAP

to keep us from love

and belonging

and joy

and our best creativity!

The antidote… CONNECT!

Read some Brene Brown about connection,

listen to the podcast and hear from a therapist.

Reach out to someone interesting,

schedule coffee, put on a cute scarf and some lipstick,

go and CONNECT!

Share and laugh and feel the joy of life,

break out of this cycle today! 

This is the antidote for guilt, loneliness, emptiness. This is the key to creativity.  This is how we’re wired as human beings!  And if you’re not sure who to reach out to, go to Psychology Today and find a therapist.  That’s how I found Victoria Dalton.  Therapy isn’t just for those on the brink of destruction.  I’m a strong confident badass woman who needed someone to help me take out the trash ….the head trash!

In your self-care checklist please include:

“Connect with a good person this week”. Then, Check it off the list every week.

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