Meet Rebecca

Rebecca writes, speaks and teaches on those topics she has knowledge, empathy and experience. This includes two decades of experience working in leadership, strategy and execution, team building, consultative selling, transforming HR and training professionals to become business consultants.

Rebecca has worked globally with clients from all industries, best selling authors and top thought leaders such as the late Stephen R. Covey, Stephen MR Covey, Chris McChesney, Todd Davis, Jennifer Colosimo and more.

Her innovation as well as a client case study is featured in the best selling business book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution. She is a two time recipient of the Principle Centered Leadership Award from Franklin Covey for excellence in team influence and results.

While with Franklin Covey, Rebecca’s strategic view, high trust client relationships and tenacious execution led her to 15 President Club Awards, the prestigious $20 Million Dollar Club as well as the Million Dollar 4DX Award.

As a writer and speaker she has nearly 100k views on her TEDx talk ADHD as our Innovators. She was chosen to speak an original piece at a Listen to Your Mother event and has blog posts with over half a million readers.

Rebecca created training modules for parents of children with ADHD/ADD using her years teaching highly effective relationships, deep research, interviews and her personal experience parenting a child with ADHD. She is not afraid to dig into a topic to curate and share for the benefit of others.

She is the founder of the Badass Womens Council, a tribe of female entrepreneurs and experts in their chosen areas dedicated to learning, challenging and growing together to share their experiences to benefit others. She is currently authoring a book about strong women–their characteristics and the key roles they play in business and the community.

She excels in leading teams to achieve specific business outcomes through facilitation, training, coaching and keynote presentations.

As a writer and a speaker, Rebecca uses her storytelling to engage audiences with humor, vulnerability and practical “take aways”. She connects well with the executive team as well as the front line employees.

To connect personally with Rebecca, visit her blog “Random Thoughts by Rebecca“.

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