Remember being single and prepping for a night out with the girls?

Where are we going?

What will I wear?

Who’s gonna be there?

The group text, the excitement, the laughs.

Oh the anticipation!

Fellow BossBabe, Nikki Nash will show you how to turn that well known and endeared girls night out prep and anticipation into your million dollar marketing plan.

When hiring a coach, you want confidence, hustle, and experience.  Nikki Nash has no shortage of those.  After gaining valuable experience with top name brands, Nikki needed more; more freedom and more joy. She did what any young professional would do.  She quit and packed for a trip to Mexico.

Wait … what? 

Have you ever sat in a cubicle after leaving another terrible meeting and dreamed of doing exactly the same thing?

Nikki didn’t waste time dreaming about it, she did it. She quit the thing that was holding her back from being a BossBabe. Nikki’s dedication to finding her jam translates in the solutions she shares with her clients. She sells marketing plans and confidence.

Nikki has a talent for tapping into what you already know and applying it to your business strategy.  Her J.L.D. (Just Like Dating) strategy will have your clients sending you flowers and filling up your date card.

J. L. D. – Just Like Dating Marketing Strategy

  1. Where Are We Going?

It’s time for girls night out. You and your girls know, each of you has a “type”.  So where are those types hanging out?  That’s where you need to be! For your business, study where your clients are; Facebook, Instagram, Networking Groups.  Where are your customers hanging out? That’s the places you want to be, where your guys are!

  1. Dress to Impress

You’ve shopped your favorite stores, now music blaring, you stand in your closet scanning the options. You try this on, that on, FaceTime your BFF to check her opinions.  Piece by piece you put together “the look”; create the outfit to highlight the best “you”; the attention getter.  In marketing, you also create something that will get attention and show your best “you”;a pdf, a video, a case study about your customer. This isn’t a messy bun and stretchy pants occasion, this is a “hey, check me out” kinda night.

  1. Get Their Digits

Come on, you know the game.  Smile, make some eye contact, “accidentally” bump into the tall one at the bar.  The goal is to exchange some digits.  I like you, do you like me?  In marketing, we want to impress them enough to get an exchange, click the link, watch the video and capture their email address so you can keep talking.  This isn’t a time to call the wedding planner just yet, but you absolutely want a second date.

  1. Keep Dating

Now you’re getting to know each other better; texting, pics on social media, planning more dates.  Once we have the email address of our potential customer we want to keep talking, keep showing them who we are and what we’re about.  What kind of content will keep them engaged?

  1. Put a Ring On It

Dating, dating, dating and eventually you want them to put a ring on it! Just like you want your potential customer to push the ‘buy’ button!

  1. Work on the Marriage

You’ve invested a lot of time in this customer, we don’t want to end up in

divorce court! That’s not only hurtful, but it’s also expensive! Continue to invest in your customer, keep dating after the marriage and celebrate the relationship.  Keep them feeling special and happy they chose you!

Did you see the movie, “Hitch” with Will Smith?  Nikki Nash is your Hitch!  Check out her site today! She knows you’d never go on a blind date, so check out her videos here!  She’s super cute, promise.  Maybe you’ll hit it off and you’ll want to join her monthly coaching program.  And if you’re in New York, check out a live event. Or just grab some merch!  Don’t leave without checking her out!

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