If I had a soapbox, one of the things I’d shout about is context.  Do you know how to weave together the circumstances based on the setting.  That’s context.  The word context means to weave together.

con: together
texure: to weave

I recently interviewed Ali Cudby on The Badass Women’s Council podcast. Ali is a master weaver, she understands the need for context.  She’s woven together an interesting life full of experiences while refining her gifts and talents and where they best fit.

Ali recently learned more about context after moving to Indianapolis, IN; a location that was not on her radar or her master plan.  After stints in Hollywood film, working for the New York Times, a hard earned degree from Ivy League Wharton School of Business, and a life changing bra experience turned business and best selling book, Ali found herself in the middle of the United States learning a new language.  The language of the Midwest; “are you one of us”.

The Midwest culture values relationships, family. longevity and generations of trust.  Ali with all of her gifts and talents and experience, was the new girl.  A new girl in a beautiful city surrounded by incredibility nice people.  She learned to speak the language, the language of kindness, trust and becoming one of the “us”.

We should always stand tall in our story, know our gifts and talents, value them, and learn how they fit contextually.  Because Ali is a master weaver, she quickly learned that an Ivy League resume and New York Times bio was more about being an “outsider” than a stand out top candidate in the Monument Circles of Indianapolis. Pardon the local pun and joke about our city center literally called Monument Circle.

Instead of hiding behind her resume and seeking her business elsewhere as a consultant who can work anywhere  in the U.S. she became one of us, she looked for connections.  She was courageously curious about us Midwesterners and specifically Indy, as we affectionately call our city of Indianapolis.  She’s building relationships and sharing her story.  This is context.  When we stand tall in our own story with authenticity and vulnerability, we give others permission to do the same.

Ali has become a friend, I value her courage and her resume.  I deeply respect Ali’s passion for customer loyalty and customer experience.  She’s mastered her craft and knows the spaces she fits best to help business owners here in Indianapolis and around the country.  If you’re a “people first” leader running a small to mid size business ($5M to $20M) looking to capitalize on the value of keeping your customers loyal and engaged, schedule a chat with Ali.  After all, you spent a lot of time and money getting those customers, doesn’t it just make sense to keep them around for generations, sounds like a Midwest thing to do.

She loves coffee and customers and is happy to meet you in a local shop. She knows the owners and the patrons of her favorite places, as the locals do.

Find Ali and her business Your Iconic Brand here. Check out her LinkedIn profile. Ali is passionate about helping you keep your customers.  #CustomerLoyalty

We’ll have her back when her new book about Customer Loyalty launches fall 2019!