Are You Living This Lie?

Are you living this one? This lie we tell ourselves, when I get caught up I’m gonna _________. Then fill in the blank with that thing you really want to do, the thing you can’t stop thinking about.

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7 Reasons A Badass Needs A Coach

If you are an entrepreneur, a doer and a go getter, why would you need a coach?  Here are 7 very real reasons badasses like you need a coach. Head Trash – everyone has it The lies we tell ourselves. The fears we battle. Head trash sometimes gets recycled for weeks or...

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Do You. But Don’t Do It Alone. 

I launched my business and immediately went searching for a new tribe. I knew having a team of the right supporters was just as important as my business name and company website. After more than 20 years in corporate America, I launched the business I had been...

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Getting Organized is Killing Your Productivity

I know this is going to be hard to hear so please bear with me. I spent years of my life longing to see my office, my email, my car and my house all neatly organized into color-coordinated files. Surely this blissful state would allow me to reach my goals and give me...

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Vulnerability Displayed: This Week Mostly Sucked

  My vulnerability allows a quick recap of the suckage: I didn’t book any new business. I didn’t progress much on important projects. My podcast launch is late. My feelings got hurt by friends and family. My heart was broken a little by someone I loved. I cancelled an...

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Leading Happens in the Pause

I've been teaching leadership courses in the corporate world for two decades. Many of the behaviors I have been teaching are the same. The responses I receive from people in my classes however is changing. And it's not changing for the better. What I'm noticing are...

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