After nearly 2 decades improving relationships and team building with corporate clients, Rebecca took her skills and understanding of human behavior and combined it with her knowledge of Attention Deficit Disorder. As the mother of an ADD son, she saw the challenges firsthand and wanted to better understand. She went in search of information and support. What she found was a lot of information about the brain and theories on the cause but not a lot of practical support on how to raise a child with ADD. So she created her own. Not Wrong Just Different: Seeing ADD Differently.

She quickly gained followers to her blog and social media presence and was asked to do a TEDx talk: ADD as our Innovators. Her TEDx talk has over 100,000 views to date.

Rebecca is also the founder of ADD Advancement Initiative, an organization committed to raising funds & developing advocates for ADD education around the world.

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Not Wrong Just Different: Seeing ADD Differently

In this funny yet emotional talk she covers: The 3 most common views of ADD, how to move into a healthy perspective of ADD to build strong relationships, and a 3 step iterative process to enrich relationships involving ADD & create advocates for the ADD community.

Normal is Just a Setting on the Dryer

With humor and vulnerability, Rebecca shares her experiences from parenting a child with ADD. She discusses the freedom achieved from letting go of the illusion of “normal” when it comes to people and parenting. Rebecca’s approach to ADD is on the relationship and the fresh approach to be courageously okay with the ADD that lives in your house. And to in fact capitalize on the gifts associated with the ADD brain.

Congratulations your child has ADD!

With so much misinformation about ADD, a diagnosis for your child can feel daunting and scary. Rebecca relieves some of that pressure and anxiety by focusing on the relationship with your ADD son or daughter. She shares a healthy perspective about ADD; Not Wrong Just Different with practical tips for how to parent and raise your ADD child to use their true gifts.