If you are an entrepreneur, a doer and a go getter, why would you need a coach?  Here are 7 very real reasons badasses like you need a coach.

  1. Head Trash – everyone has it

The lies we tell ourselves. The fears we battle. Head trash sometimes gets recycled for weeks or months. Instead of recycling the head trash, a coach helps us take it to the curb.  Head trash can keep us stuck. It can keep us from charging what we’re worth and sometimes it can crush a great idea. We often help others deal with their mental garbage while we secretly stash ours in a high dollar handbag. We need a safe place to take out the trash.  A great coach will help you sort the good stuff from the trash.

  1. Accountability – intentions are not the same as results.

We have a lot information, goals and projects spinning in our head with great intentions. Sometimes we lie to ourselves and say, “When I get caught up” I’ll finish that project or launch that new strategy.  Here’s the cold hard truth.  You’re never getting caught up so you better find a way to get results in the midst of the spinning chaos.  A good coach doesn’t let you lie to yourself and holds you accountable for accomplishing results. A great coach reminds you to “do less better”.

  1. Ideas Get Better – collaboration makes you and your ideas better.

A coach knows how to ask the right questions to get you thinking at the next level. This exchange will help you tap into information and experience your coach has with other clients.  This unbiased approach to your project will give you new perspective you couldn’t tap into on your own.

  1. You Make More Money– if you’re honest, you still have a hard time charging what you’re worth.

Imposter syndrome, head trash or lack of awareness about your market can all contribute to this one.  A coach deals with all three.  A good coach helps you push send on the proposal that is priced at “fear plus 10%”. You know that one, what you’re afraid to charge plus 10%.

  1. Connection – we’re so busy taking care of business, we can unintentionally isolate ourselves.

We have a lot of people in our lives, but not always the kind of people that are supporting our dreams and goals.  We need to intentionally reach out and connect with other strong women and entrepreneurs to feed our spirit.  A coach is a great connection and can introduce us to others like us.

  1. Processing out loud – your mind is a busy place.

Your mind is spinning constantly, a freeway system of to do lists, business models and marketing ideas.  A good coach isn’t there to give you the answers; a coach is there to ask the right questions so you can process through things out loud.  A coach can help you sort and organize to get on the right path by talking it through.

7. Done is better than perfect –  cake and ideas.

We can unintentionally take our great ideas and overcook them.  I certainly love a nice piece of cake, but cooked too long and it’s dry and disappointing. A great coach keeps us from over thinking and overcooking our ideas and holds us accountable to get them out of the oven, iced and ready to serve.

As you budget and plan for the coming new year, add a coach to the mix; take you and your business to a new level of badass.  Write to me and tell me how it goes.  I’d love to do a follow up story featuring you and your success!

For more badass tips and coaching advice, listen to The Badass Womens Council Podcast.  


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